Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Goodbye 2013!

Today's the last day of 2013 and I'm so glad it's over. For me, 2013 was a chaotic roller coaster ride - it was full of highs and lows and the entire ride was just bumpy. Just when I thought things were finally going right, everything changed. For a long time I thought I was going to be stuck in the dark - but then I was my own problem and that I was making myself unhappy. But that doesn't matter anymore - it's time to start again with 2014.

A new year, a new beginning. Don't wait for 2014 to be your year. Make it your year.

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♥

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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Boxing Day Haul ♥

Hi my lovelies, I hope you've had a really good Christmas and Boxing Day! Well the latter depends on where you are but since I'm in New Zealand - the first country to see the sun- my holiday shopping is over!

Today I went to Sylvia Park and St Lukes to grab some bargains - and boy was it crowded. There were just so many people?! I mean getting into the malls is hard enough. When we left Sylvia Park to head down to St Lukes, the queue of cars trying to get in was literally a kilometre long. It just went on and on and on. Then when you got into the car parks, you'd have to look for cars coming out or creepily follow people to their cars. Which was like barely anyone. I mean who leaves early on Boxing Day?! No one. You just have to pray that the parking god is on your side today. Or be creative and park anywhere and everywhere. Park on the footpaths? Why not? Park half on the kerb, half on the road? Why not?

And then shopping itself is a nightmare argh. Everyone's just bumping and pushing into you and stepping all over your toes. Oh and then you have to navigate through the sea of people with your bags. Or your trolley if you're a serious shopper. But the people I hate the most on Boxing Day are...

1.  The people who push trolleys into shops.

It's like, can you not? Just don't, okay? I mean, who brings a freaking trolley into an already packed store? No one! No one with common sense at least. If you're carrying enough bags to need a trolley, you need to stop HAHAHA. Or put them in your car before you keep going - just don't block everyone from getting in and out cause it just makes Boxing Day shopping painful.

2. The people who buy a trolley-full of groceries.

There are 365 days in a year to go grocery shopping and you choose to go on Boxing Day at one of the busiest malls. Great.

3. The children who bring ridiculous things shopping.

I mean, a scooter? Really?! A scooter? You brought a scooter when you went shopping on one of the most busiest days of the year in one of the most busiest malls in New Zealand? Your parents let you? You serious?

I officially hate shopping on Boxing Day cause of how crowded everywhere is. Also because everything good is sold out instantly. *Cries*

Anyways, enough of my ranting, time for a haul!

So this is what I got today!

1. Jewellery Tree from Redcurrent ♥

I thought this was super cute but I couldn't choose between getting it in pink or black! But in the end I chose pink cause pink is life hehehe.

Cute or what?! Now I need to stretch them hehe.
2. Daisy Shorts from Valleygirl ♥

Aren't these shorts just the cutest? When I saw them a few weeks ago when I went shopping with Lanlan, I was in love. I tried them on then but I was still confused about what size to get so I lined up for half an hour and still couldn't decide. Size 8 was tight around the butt and the hips. Size 10 was loose everywhere and it looked I had a boner cause it was so baggy wtf.

In the end I decided that: tight shorts > loose shorts with boner.

Super love. ♥ ♥ ♥
3. Flamingo Pyjama Shorts from Cotton On Body ♥

Oh my god, I was so happy I found these babies! Aren't they so pretty? I first saw them in Sylvia Park's Cotton On Body but all they had left were XLs. Same goes for all their other cute shorts. *Cries* I was honestly really sad and disappointed. I was feeling super dizzy and sick and I couldn't find anything I wanted in my size! All I wanted was some cute pyjamas and some oversized cardigans and all I got was people stepping on my feet and pushing me. Luckily when we went to St Lukes, Cotton On Body still had some in stock! I literally ran from one end of the shopping centre to the other end - just to check if they had any left! I guess it wasn't in vain afterall!

Huehuehue I got my brother to hold this up. 
4. Candyfloss Pink Hoodie from Cotton On Body ♥

While waiting in line to buy my  flamingo shorts, I saw a huge pile of colourful hoodies on the table beside me. Everything was super messy and looked super big - so I was like, "Meh." But then when I saw that they were only $10 each, I was like, "Why not?! Ten dollars!" So I grabbed one of their pink hoodies and tried it on - and surprisingly it fit even though it was large! Hoodies are meant to be baggy so it was a super good deal huehuehue! Especially when it matches with my shorts! Huehuehue.

And that's all I bought today! I didn't buy much because the sales sucked -and my friends and I are shipping stuff from America huehuehue. Can't wait for American Boxing Day sales! By the way, if you're not from New Zealand or have no idea what I'm talking about, just ignore all the names huehuehue. I should stop writing my laughs like that hehehe.

Huehuehue awkward pose.
Ending on my OOTD ♥

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♥

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Monday, 23 December 2013

My Latest Wishlist ♥

1. Pink Nintendo 3DS XL ♥ Walmart
4. Pug Piggy Bank ♥ Forever21
5. Unicorn Jewellery Holder ♥ Forever21
6. Pink Instax Mini 8 ♥ Harvey Norman
7. Rose Heartbreaker Set ♥ BaubleBar
8. Rose Gold Baby G Watch ♥ Baby G

It's two days away from Christmas and my parents still haven't gotten me a present! Neither has the rest of my family hehe. I guess it's cause I'm really fickle minded and I can't decide what I like. Well actually, most of the stuff I like only exists in America. *Sigh* Even if I really like something my parents will say no cause apparently I'll use it for a few days and then chuck it aside. But hey, I actually do need a new watch!

Luckily my friends and I are shipping over a heap of things from the US mwehehehe. They can't stop me if I've already bought it. *Wink* I've already decided to order quite a few things but they're mainly cosmetic/skin care products! Everything in the US is so much cheaper than here - and cooler! Cinnamon Toast Crunch, here I come!

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♥

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Friday, 20 December 2013

McDonald’s Real Choices Salad & McWraps Review ♥

Disclaimer: Products mentioned were sent to me for review and all opinions are strictly my own.

Looks good, eh?
When I first heard of McDonald's new Real Choices range, I was really excited to try their new goodies. I absolutely LOVE McDonald's chicken burgers and wraps so a new range full of chicken sounded perfect to me.

In person, the salad looked super wilted and gross.
First up, I tried the Crunchy Noodle Crispy Chicken Salad. Honestly, I was so disappointed by this. Maybe it was just me - but the salad didn't look very appetising when I got it. The salad looked a little dull and wilted, the carrot strips looked dry and old, the crunchy noodles were little 1cm shards - the whole thing just didn't wow me. Trying it didn't make things any better either. The noodles were super hard to eat cause they had been crushed into tiny pieces. The salad was super dry and didn't seem fresh at all. The carrots seemed super old (especially the carrots) and the sauce just wasn't my liking. So yeah, I was super disappointed. Even the chicken wasn't a highlight. Cold and soggy chicken is just a big no-no. I honestly wouldn't buy this again cause for $9.90, I could easily get my favourite McSpicy which tastes amazing.

But I went back the next day to try the Real Choices McWraps and boy did I change my mind about the Real Choices range. When I opened the brown paper bag, I was expecting a small wrap like their usual Snack Wraps. I was wrong. This baby was huge! This was like heaven in a wrap asdfghjkl - it was sooo good! Even after I had driven home from McDonalds, the wrap was still nice and warm - and so was the chicken! The chicken wasn't piping hot but just nice - and it was damn tasty! So much better than the first time asdfghjkl. The salad was nice and fresh, each individual leaf perfectly crunchy and the tomato wasn't soggy at all! Not to mention, at the McDonald's in Greenlane, they were super generous with the delicious aioli sauce which made things taste even better! This was honestly so good. There was literally chicken in each and every bite - right down to the end! Now that's what you call a wrap!

A hit and a miss. 
Overall, I would rate the new Real Choices Crunchy Noodle Crispy Chicken Salad a 3/10 because for $9.90, dry, old veges and cold soggy chicken doesn't cut it for sure. But McDonalds definitely makes up for their RealChoices range with their new McWraps because for $8.90, a giant wrap packed full of crispy chicken, fresh salad and delicious sauce is a 9/10 in my opinion. The only thing I don't like about this wrap is the price - but that's pretty understandable for how big and good it is.

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♥

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Sunday, 15 December 2013

No longer brace face. ♥

Oh my god, my braces are finally off! Well actually, they were off since Wednesday but I forgot to blog about it HAHAHA.

Anyways, I'm super happy with my smile now! I feel more confident and carefree and asdfghjkl it just feels amazing to have straight teeth.

Time for some disgusting photos! (I warned you...)

1. Before Braces

Ugh this is so gross wtf. And this is my own teeth...
Before February this year, I didn't have braces - and boy were my teeth bad. Just look how crooked they were argh. Not to mention, look how disgustingly dirty they were. 0/10 for oral hygiene, Michelle. *Tut tut* I was the epitome of poor oral hygiene back then. Brushing for less than a minute. Not flossing for god knows how long. You get the picture, I was bad to my teeth.

2. Start of Braces

Zig-zagging braces.
But then when I got braces, things started to look up! I was on my way to straighter teeth and realised I needed to brush better after getting a filling. I began to use my electric toothbrush properly and started to use whitening toothpaste! I tried about every single whitening toothpaste in the supermarket before I found my HG. ♥ Never swapping back ever again!

3. End of Braces

Look how even the brackets are!
Then a few months ago, I got elastics to attach to my braces! By the time I got back from China, I wasn't using my electric toothbrush anymore and my teeth weren't as clean as before. Manual toothbrushes just don't cut it when it comes to braces I guess. Not to mention, my mum stopped buying me my wonderful toothpaste cause I kept polishing off the tube within a few weeks!

You know how they always recommend using a pea-sized dot of toothpaste? Michelle Tan is super generous when it comes to toothpaste and uses a huge swipe of toothpaste to cover the entire toothbrush head. So yeah, the toothpaste only lasted me 2-3 weeks which for $7 is pretty damn expensive.

4. No Braces!

Super happy! ♥ No more braces! ♥
And now! I don't have braces anymore (woo!) but I have to wear this awful retainer. It's like Invisalign or a clear mouth guard and I have to wear it 24/7 except for when I eat and of course, brush my teeth. (By the way, I'm not wearing it in the photo.) I honestly hate this thing so much cause it's just so freaking troublesome. I can't talk easily with it in and when I do, I sound really stupid and super lispy. Well more than usual. Oh well, hopefully I'll get used to it... I'm already getting better at popping it off when I snack on chocolate HAHAHA.

Oh and now my oral hygiene routine is super long and complicated wtf. I might blog about it later on cause... I can.

Overall Comparison

Look at that transformation! My teeth looked absolutely awful before braces asdfghjkl. The front of my bottom teeth had little gaps between each tooth and they looked like a miniature rainbow cause they were so crooked wtf. Not to mention, everything was just wonky in general HAHAHA. My buck teeth stuck out on a 45° angle while one of my side teeth were facing the wrong way, my mouth was crowded because I had inherited my mum's big teeth... and I had horrible oral hygiene.

But now, less than a year later (297 days to be exact), I have nice, straight teeth and even though my top teeth still sticks out a little, I'm really happy with everything! It's amazing what dentists can do with crooked teeth! I'm really glad that my parents decided to get us (my brothers and I) braces cause it really does make a huge difference - not only looks wise but confidence wise! I'm also really glad that I got them this year cause all my friends had them too HAHAHA. ♥ It's fab when a lot of people have braces at the same time as you cause you don't feel like you're the odd one out. #bracefaceclub #traintrackstogether

Now my little brother is the only one who has braces on and I'm kind of excited to see what his teeth will look like! His teeth are really horrible at the moment but if they can fix mine, they can fix his!

And before I go, I am proud to say that I now brush twice daily, floss at night and use mouth wash every time HAHAHA.

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♥

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