Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Settling back into my life. ♥

Tuesday 30 July 2013

Hello my lovelies!

How are you all? Sorry for not posting earlier - I'm still jetlagged from last week's flight - really badly too. At one point last week, I couldn't get up at all (I felt like I was dead) and slept until 5 in the evening. Thank god it was the school holidays. But now it's not...  *Insert sad face*

Today was the 2nd day of school and already I'm in need of a break. I need a holiday for my holiday wtf. I'm literally walking around school and classes half-asleep and yesterday I slept in two periods. Interval too. Ugh. This is probably the worst case of jetlag for me.

But anyways, a little part of me is glad to be home even though I had such an amazing time.

I mean, there's no substitute for your own family and home. For me, waking up in my own bed in my own home is currently the best feeling in the world. There's nothing like being away for so long and coming back to a freshly made bed that smells like mango perfume hehehe.

And after being away for two weeks, you kind of realise how much you miss everything.

I definitely missed my family - including my irritating brothers.

But at one point of the trip, I missed my dad so much, I kept crying waterfalls wtf. I would try viber him in class and try calling him and everything but Viber kept disconnecting ugh.

What happened...

Me: Hi Daddy!
Dad: Hello?
Me: Daddy, I'm in Jilin now, how are you?
*Large pause*
Me: Daddy? Hello?
Dad: Hello?
Me: Daddy, I miss you.
*Large pause*
Me: Daddy?
*Large pause*
Me: Daddy, can you hear me?
Me: Daddy, I miss you.
Me: Daddy, I miss home. I miss mummy.
*Large pause*
Dad: Michelle?
Me: Daddy?
*Large pause*
*Viber disconnects*
Me: *Bursts into tears*


At the moment, I don't know how I'm ever going to move out. I'll probably live with my parents forever. Joking, joking.

But yeah, I'm glad to be home cause China was making me really sick. Not just home sick but actually sick. When I was over in Jilin, I think I caught a cold or something. I was coughing so much that I ran out of lozenges and my throat just ached all day and night. I  felt like I was going to cough myself to death wtf.

That actually nearly happened wtf.

One morning, at breakfast, I was rushing to eat my food quickly when someone/something made me laugh. I had stuffed a small bun or something into my mouth and was about to swallow when I laughed, swallowed and coughed at the same time. Not great. Michelle nearly choked to death haha.

But other than coughing, I got really itchy. I don't know what it was but at the end of the trip, my back got so itchy, I couldn't stop scratching. I think it was my bed cause everyone would come sit on it while we were all yucky from the day. So when I came back to New Zealand and noticed the rashes dotted across my back, I immediately slathered a thick coat of cream on it. Bam. Next morning, gone! Yay for magical creams.

Moving onto the bright side!

Guess what I got in China! (Other than shopping and things of course.)

Firstly I got a professional manicure! One with fake nails too!

Pretty right? Super cheap too - only 80 yuan ($16.53 NZD)! Too bad they didn't do it really well - the thumb nails were poorly glued on and you could see the horrible glue marks. But none the less, they're actually quite pretty but they're a pain in the ass. I mean, pressing buttons - Oh god. I just remembered I have piano lessons tonight wtf. How am I going to play??? Ugh. But pressing buttons of any kind is annoying. Especially the toilet flusher wtf. Moving on...

While I was in China, I also got a hair cut! It might not seem like a big deal but at the time it was hehe.

Let me explain. I am a very irrational and in-the-moment kind of person who does things without properly thinking it through. Basically, I go 'YOLO' to everything - kidding not kidding.

So when Stef, Jadey and I (and our buddies) were outside a beauty salon in a mall in Jilin, in a spur of the moment, we walked in.

At first, we were going to get pedicures. Then it was hair washes. I love getting my hair washed by other people. It feels amazingly relaxing - like a head massage but better. But anyways, after I got my hair washed, I was like: Why not get my fringe cut? Then when I sat down in the chair, I was like: You know what? I want a hair cut. And I want to dye my hair.

Luckily they all stopped me... I wanted to dye my hair ombre. Or periwinkle wtf. My mum would've slaughtered me if I had done so.

I feel like doing something outrageous with my hair.

But anyways, here's my haircut. It's really good for 22 yuan ($4.50NZD) eh?! And technically, the hair cut only cost 1 yuan ($0.20NZD) cause everyone paid 21 yuan for a hair wash hehe. China can be so dirt cheap at times. One thing though - they cut off way more than I asked and the layers are a little wonky haha. Oh well. It costs less than a pack of sushi hehe. I'll just wait for it to grow out again - I remember I cut quite a lot off a few weeks ago hehe. But this time they butchered off TONS. Now when I tie my hair into high ponytails, there's only a little pineapple hehe.

Anyways, that's all for tonight. I've gotta go to piano lessons now!

Lots of Love,

Mimi ♥

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Friday, 26 July 2013

I'm back! ♥

Friday 26 July 2013

I'm back! ♥

Well technically, I was back two days ago. But anyways, this is the first time I've posted since I left for China sixteen days ago. Yay~

I look so derpy. ♥
For those wondering what I was doing in Cheena, I was at a summer camp with 30 other Aucklanders! We were in China for two weeks and in the first four days, we went around sight-seeing in Beijing. Then we left to another province called Jilin and spent the rest of our time there hehehe.

Basically while we were there, we went sight-seeing, shopping, learning about China and Chinese culture while trying to put what we knew to use. I'm not sure about the others but for me, speaking Mandarin was quite confusing. Almost everything I learnt in 1½ years was practically useless because...

1. Everyone spoke really fast.
2. Everyone spoke with an accent.
3. Everyone spoke really casually.

Not to mention, everyone used words that I didn't know - and they expected me to understand cause I'm Chinese. *Groans* I regret quitting Chinese lessons when I was little. When I'm a parent, I'll force my children to learn Mandarin.

But anyways, time for some photos from the trip! Ugh. I still haven't finished blogging about my trip to America.

Being happy in our hotel in Beijing! ♥
Me and the girlies at the Bird's Nest. ♥
I'll post more about my trip later hehehe.

Lots of Love,

Mimi ♥

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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Goodbye again. ♥

Tuesday 9 July 2013

Oh my god.

I am so excited - and scared.

In a few hours, I will be sitting on a plane with my babes - Steffie, Lily, Jemima and Jade - and we'll be off to China!

This is the first time I'm flying without my parents and I'm really nervous hehe.

Anyways I gotta go now! I probably won't be posting for another two weeks - Blogger is blocked in China apparently hehe.

Goodbye again!

Mimi ♥

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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Trip into town with my best friend. ♥

Friday 5 July 2013

Hello my lovelies~

Today I'm going to be sharing about my trip with Steffie into town last weekend! I didn't get a chance to write this post earlier because I was too busy doing homework. So Asian, I know. As I'm writing this, my face is dying and my fingers are freezing off. I'm actually really tempted to go and buy a balaclava to cover my face from the cold but I'm scared people will think I'm a robber wtf wtf.

Anyways, here's our day ♥

Me + Steffie ♥
Selfie on Queen Street! Yeah yeah~ ♥

Feeling the alpaca fur. ♥
Oh my god. You have no idea how soft alpaca fur is. It's so soft, it's actually like stroking a cloud wtf -that's if you can feel clouds. Anyways, that day, Stef and I went around every single shop looking for souvenirs but secretly alpaca fur as well hehehe. Too bad the rugs are like $2000. We found the most adorable alpaca soft toy made out of the fur and it was already $80. *Sad* I was so tempted to buy it hehehe. Especially cause it was the prettiest caramel brown. ♥ Before I die, I want something made out of alpaca fur. Or better yet, the alpaca itself wtf.

Lovely... ♥
We also saw these interesting souvenirs... Can you imagine someone actually using these wtf..?

We met Mario! ♥
We saw Mario when we were walking up Queen Street! Shamelessly asking for photos hehehe.

I really like this little walkway. ♥
I don't even know. ♥
We finally arrived at the Japan Dollar Mart!

Stef trying to wear a basket as a hat hehehe. ♥
Being a pedophile and taking photos of her as she chooses chopsticks. ♥
Hehehehe. This is why you shouldn't photobomb. ♥
Favourite part of the store! Beauty section. ♥ 
Stef: What the fuck are you doing? ♥
Cute hamburger squishy. ♥
Oh my god. I was so tempted to buy this adorable burger. ♥ Too bad it was rock solid wtf. I really wanted to add it to my collection. *Sad* I super love squishies with a passion hehehehe. In fact, I have a whole storage box of them hidden underneath my bed. I might show you guys another day~ 

Stef walking out of the store feeling incredibly drunk. ♥
Selfie~ ♥
Patiently waiting for our food at Carl's Jr. ♥

Carl's Jr. Memphis Burger. ♥ So huge wtf.
Oh my god, I so regret ordering this burger wtf. It was so freaking huge, I nearly died. Like when I picked it up, I could tell it was really heavy for a burger. And all I really wanted to have a shake wtf...

This is why I should not be allowed to order food...

Stage 1: *Let's go to Carl's Jr. to get a shake.*
Stage 2: *Ugh I haven't had breakfast all day so I must as well eat something.*
Stage 3: *The Memphis Burger is only here for a limited time so I must as well try it.*
Stage 4: *I must as well order it with double patties since it's nearly the same price as a single patty*
Stage 5: *I must as well order it large* - Just kidding. I know when to stop.

Stef filling in a comments card with tomato sauce wtf. ♥
Oh my god. It took so freaking long to get Stef's onion rings. Like half an hour... for onion rings. We were sitting on our lopsided bar stools, waiting for ages and ages and still no onion rings. I had already demolished half of my burger while Stef was waiting. Worst of all, they actually forgot her order and deleted it off. Luckily we went up to the counter and asked for our order. We could've waited all night wtf.

On the bus home! ♥
After more shopping around, it became quite dark so we decided to head home hehehe.

My dinner. ♥
Then my family dragged me out to go eat dinner wtf. I had a bento box with teriyaki beef~ ♥

Anyways, time to show you what I got that day!

Grey Velvet Dress - Valley Girl ♥
I quite like this dress! It feels super nice and velvety hehehe. Also love how it's not the shiny kind of velvet. ♥ This dress was from Valley Girl by the way!

Super adorable photo album! Maybe I'll use it for my trip to Cheena. ♥
Close up of the pages hehe. ♥
Super love this photo album! Oh-so-kawaii. I think I might use this for the photos I take in China hehehe.

Adorable false eyelashes case. ♥
Put one in already! ♥
Oh my god. Hilarious story of how I got this eyelash case.

After lunch, Stef and I went into Daiso (another Japanese store) to have a look around. After around 10 seconds of browsing, the freaking fire alarm goes off wtf - I guess we're just that hot. Anyways, like normal people, we calmly evacuate and walk out of the store, putting away our items. NO ONE ELSE IN THE STORE SEEMED TO UNDERSTAND THAT MEMO. OR THE MEMO OF SAFETY WTF. THE SHOPKEEPERS CONTINUED TO CHECK OUT PEOPLE'S PURCHASES WHILE MORE CUSTOMERS LINED UP TO PAY. IN THE MIDDLE OF A FIRE WTF. Not sure if it was a real fire or not but still wtf...

People who actually know the word 'evacuate'. ♥
Anyways, being the reckless people we are, Stef and I just casually waltz back into the store to buy this eyelash case wtf. Seeing this, a flood of people crowd back into the store (wtf) to browse and pay. If this is how they evacuate in Japan, I'm very concerned. The Japanese shopkeepers should know better wtf.

Oh my god, I absolutely love this bow. ♥
Anyways, when the all-clear signal was given, we went back into the shop. I was so happy to get this bow hehehe. I just adore bows of any sort so when I saw this lace bow, I nearly died. I love all things lace and I love bows so this was like a match made in heaven. When I was in America, I saw these adorable lace bows at Claire's but decided not to buy any. *Sad* They were really expensive - like $9. To me, that's too much for a bow I won't wear a lot. So yeah, super happy to find this at Daiso for only $3.50! The only bad thing is that it's a hair tie rather than a clip. I might transfer it over if I can be bothered  hehehe.

Everything I bought for myself! 
 And that's everything I bought for myself! Not much shopping that day~ ♥

Fuzzy little kiwi hehehe. 
Oh and I also bought this super fuzzy kiwi to bring (to China) as a souvenir from New Zealand. It's a little demented - extra fuzzy on one side and extra flat on the other - but that's okay I guess. Hopefully it'll puff up or something. All the other kiwi plushies Stef and I saw that day weren't that great and were all super overpriced. *Sad* In fact, most of the New Zealand souvenirs that we saw were quite rip off. I think we were lucky to find these for $5 - pretty good compared to all the other stores!

Anyways, that's all for now! Gotta get packing hehehe~

Lots of Love,

Mimi ♥

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Why I hate my little brother.

Saturday 5 July 2013

I hate little brothers.
Actually, I just hate my little brother. At the moment at least.
I am so angry at the moment, tears of rage are pouring out of my eyes wtf. Is that even possible?

Do you want to know what he did?
That immature brat took my best skincare products and poured them down the drain.
Literally? I don't know; I don't even want to know...

Before the boy with itchy fingers came along, I had my Scarlett & Greene Bare All cleanser, Missha Milk To Peeling cleanser, Holika Holika 3 Seconds Starter and Olay scrub. All of which I liked. Most of which were full. Now I have a near empty tube of Scarlett and Greene, watered-down toner/essence, a bottle full of watery milk shit and a slimy bathroom floor.

Imagine my face when I see all four of my products covered in soap and water in the shower. I was so angry, I could've punched a wall. Arggghhhh. And the worst part is, he deliberately ignored the normal cleanser and took all four of my special ones to use as body wash wtf wtf. I have nothing to say except swear words.

He took my fucking $30 cleanser, poured half out and replaced the missing liquid with water. That fucktard. Arrrgh. Imagine my face when I open my favourite cleanser and there's nothing but soapy water.

Exactly how I'm feeling.

*RAGE FACE X 1000000*

Then I look further into the shower cabinet and wtf... the floor is just bathed in my skincare. It was as if he made a fucking slushy out of my cleansers and things.





*Time to calm down*

To you, this might not seem like a big deal but to me it is. I feel like my personal space has been violated and the fact that he...
1. Used my stuff without permission.
2. Destroyed my stuff.
3. Wasted my $75.



Anyways, I gotta go sleep an angry sleep wtf.


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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Tea time for me. Yoghurt Culture Smoothie + Butterfly Cupcake ♥

Thursday 4 July 2013

Hello my lovelies, how are you all?

I'm too tired to write a proper post tonight so I'll just show you what I had for tea today hehehe. ♥

My yummy strawberry smoothie. ♥
Because today is Thursday, Yoghurt Culture is/was having a special on their smoothies - 50% off the original price! So Lindy and I decided to go have some afterschool hehehe. We both designed our own smoothies and they came out pretty good in my opinion. Well mine did at least hehehe.

My Smoothie - Mars Froyo + Strawberry Froyo + Caramel + Strawberry + Lychee
Lindy's Smoothie - Green Tea Froyo + Strawberry Froyo + Caramel + Oreo

Strangely enough, my smoothie came out pink and strawberry-flavoured while Linda's drink came out brown and banana-flavoured wtf. I think they might have added more fruit to the smoothies or something because I don't recall Linda and I adding bananas to both our smoothies.

Next time I go back, I want to make mine rich-flavoured if that makes sense hehehe. Like chocolate/caramel based?

Maybe - Chocolate Sorbet Froyo + Mars Froyo + Caramel + White Chocolate? I don't know hehehe.

It's actually quite fun designing/making your own smoothie - it's nice to be able to choose all the ingredients you want and design it to suit your tastebuds hehehe. Not to mention, the exciting part is tasting it all at the end.

Butterfly cupcakes are so cute. ♥
Anyways, later today, my mum went grocery shopping today and brought back some cupcakes! This is the cupcake I had after dinner hehehe. I think it's actually quite pretty~ Too bad it didn't taste the same way.

Lots of Love,

Mimi ♥

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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Yes To Tomatoes Skin Clearing Facial Mud Mask Review ♥

Tuesday 2 July 2013

Hello my lovelies, guess what I am going to be writing reviewing today?

Yes to Tomatoes Clearing Facial Mask! ♥
That's right. Yes to Tomatoes Clearing Facial Mask.

Click to zoom in! ♥
My first 'Yes to' product! Definitely not going to be the last after this... ♥
Oh my god. Can I just straight up say that I love this mask? Love as in l-o-v-e. This mask is simply amazing.


Many reasons. I swear this review is more like a rave than review wtf.

Super love. ♥
Firstly, I love the feeling of this mask. Or maybe I love the feeling of mud masks in general. But anyways, this mask made my skin feel nice and tight - in a good way of course. Not the squeaky-clean soap sensation but rather a... firm and compressed feeling? Like your face is being pulled back I guess. I have a way with words...

Super tough packaging. Can you see the dents of my scissors? ♥
Anyways, the feeling is rather satisfying in my opinion - especially after a long tiring day! Not sure about you guys but sometimes my entire face just feels like dropping off wtf. Just kidding. But seriously, the feeling of this mask is fabulous. It makes my skin feel young and tight and refreshed annn-d I sound like an old lady. How lovely. Moving on before I sound like a crazy cat lazy...

Hittin' gold. ♥
But seriously.  I super love the feeling.

The second reason why I love this mask is because after you wash off the mask, your skin just looks amazing wtf. Not only that, my skin felt so soft and smooth, I nearly died. My cheeks felt like little babies' bottoms. Like seriously, if you see me around, please feel free to rub my cheeks - not the ones on my face... *Insert perverted wink*

Look at how luscious the mud looks? ♥
Oh god I am so weird.

Anyways, just ignore that and I'll move onto the third reason.

Using my new Missha pack brush! ♥
This mask is so... hydrating/moisturising, it's crazy. I mean... it's a mud mask! I've always thought mud masks were drying wtf. This mask gave my skin so much moisture, I couldn't stop touching my face. What is this sorcery?? Tell me your secret...

On a damper note, I'm not sure about the clearing part of this mask - it broke me out a little - but you know what? I don't even mind. I think it was just because I left it on for too long. Not to mention, I kept touching my face afterwards.
Stolen off Google! ♥
Back to the positive side, I have these little "bumps" around the nose-cheek area leading up to my eyes. They're not actually bumps but that area of skin just doesn't look smooth if you know what I mean. But guess what? After the mask, my skin looked a lot a better hehehe.

The mask is really nice and smooth. ♥
Dip. Look how rich and creamy the mask is. ♥
The bumps didn't disappear completely, after all, it's a mud mask - not a miracle cream - but it did make it a lot better! That area now looks a lot smoother and less bumpy than before - if you feel me. I wasn't exactly sure how to explain that but I think you all know what I mean hehehe. Afterall, quite a lot of people have this. So maybe if you want to try snooth-en your bumps, maybe give this a try?

Now I need to find something for my broken capillaries (the little veins on my face). My doctor says the only solution is laser surgery - No thanks!

To me, the only negative thing about this mask is the price. $30NZD for a tiny tub (48g) of mud is a little bit too steep for me but it really depends on how much your wallet can stretch! I would definitely recommend this though hehe. I love it. My mum loves it. You're bound to love it.

Now I really want to try more things from Yes To. ♥
Forgot to mention earlier - it smells a tad bit gross. Afterall, it's a mud mask. Best smelling mud though.

Anyways, my suggestion is to try it if you can! Afterall, a little goes a long way - I think you could use this around... 15 times? Depends on how much you pile on hehehe. Sorry for not including any photos of the mask on my face. I refuse to put a photo of myself wearing the mask on here wtf. Die of shame.

Yes to this. ♥
I swear, if you can look good with a mud mask on or simply a sheet mask - you deserve an award wtf. But when I wear masks, I look like a retarded zombie. But seriously,  this is my new favourite mask of the month.

99% Natural!
Petroleum and paraben free~
Extremely relaxing.
Nice and tight feeling.
Great at refreshing and rejuvenating tired skin.
Made my skin incredibly soft and moisturised~
After using once, my skin was smoother!

Seal of tub is quite difficult to open. I had to stab it with my pair of scissors several times.
Unhygienic packaging. (Dipping your fingers into the tub repeatedly is quite unhygienic.)
The smell isn't pleasant - but is better than other mud masks.
A little harsh - shouldn't be used on a daily basis. Use once a week maximum.
The price is quite steep. $30 for 50g.

I should use flash. ♥
I really liked this mud mask and would definitely give it a 9/10! So close to perfection wtf. If it was less expensive, I'd give it an instant 10/10. Kidding not kidding. And that's all for now! Don't forget to stay and have a look around my blog. ♥

Lots of Love,

Mimi ♥
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