Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Hello Kitty Cafe in Newmarket - Revisited ♥

Tuesday 30 April 2013

A few weeks ago I blogged about my visit to Hello Kitty Cafe in Newmarket. You can read that entry by clicking on the following link - Tea at Hello Kitty Cafe in Newmarket! ♡

Well guess what?

I changed my mind completely.

Hello Kitty Cafe in Newmarket is horrible.

Paying for the cuteness, not the food.
Unless you’re willing to spend a fortune buying overpriced and disgusting food at a cute cafe with terrible service, don’t go at all. However, if you have to go because you’re a Hello Kitty lover like me, only visit there once and only order drinks. Don’t buy food.

The longer they open, the worse they get.

When I went there the first time, I was in love with the cafe! So pretty! So cute! I love this place. ♥

When I went there the second time, I still liked the place but the novelty had worn off and lost its luster.

When I went there the third time, I realised how bad the service was and said to myself, "I am never ordering food here again."
When I went there the fourth time, I didn't order anything. I just sat with my friends and watched as one of them ate.

The third visit had changed my opinion of Hello Kitty Cafe completely.

My third visit was utterly horrible. No redeeming points whatsoever. Even the cute decorations didn't compensate for the lack of service and quality. Nothing cut it.

Last week I went back to Hello Kitty Cafe in Newmarket with my mum and little brother for lunch. This was my third visit and I was looking forward to trying the food. I was incredibly disappointed.

McDonald's takes a minute to make burgers. These took half an hour wtf.
Before ordering my hot chocolates and beef sliders, I asked how long it would take. "Very quick!" was the response. "Only ten minutes!" they said. Ten minutes turned into twenty minutes which eventually turned into a half an hour wait, making me late for my plans with Lindy. How rude.

The worst part is, the wait wasn't even worth it. Had the miniature burgers come out beautifully cute and delicious or at least cute yet average-tasting, I wouldn't have minded. They came out deformed and mutant-looking. Not to mention, it tasted horrible.

If I was served this quality of food in a restaurant or even fast food joint, I would've taken it back. The beef sliders were horrendous.

Looks fine in these photos. Looks horrible in reality.
I'm not exactly sure how to describe the sliders... Homemade? No. This was a lot worse than homemade. This was worse than the burgers I made last year in food technology - and that's saying something because I burnt them hehehe. These sliders were disgusting.

Firstly, the patties tasted horrible. It tasted like they had simply chucked a random box of herbs into the mince and boiled it before making it golden on the stove. Basically it was bland yet overly herb-y and tasted rubbery like gumboots yet dry like sawdust. How is that even possible?? Not to mention, it was sugary sweet. Sweet like the hot chocolate. Maybe they boiled it in the hot chocolate wtf. Disgusting.

Photos can be deceiving.
Secondly, the presentation was appalling. The burger buns looked half-dead and were squished badly. They also looked a hundred years old and certainly tasted that way - rock hard and stale. How lovely. Oh and the lettuce in the burger was wilted. Super lovely.

I have actually never eaten a burger this bad wtf. If you want a decent burger, go anywhere but here. McDonald's is far cheaper, far nicer and far faster. Not to mention better service...

The service at Hello Kitty Cafe in Newmarket was appalling.

First of all, the guy manning the cash register was incredibly rude when we asked questions. All we did was ask about the sliders and the way he responded to us was rude and as if we were retarded wtf.

Secondly, they are incredibly slow at clearing tables. We had to ask several times for them to remove all the previous drinks and dishes and it just shouldn't be like that. Not to mention, they can't cope with serving - on the day I went, the server was incredibly confused and didn't know what was ordered and had to go around asking whose drink was it.

Today's hot chocolate tasted like hot water with a spoon of cocoa.
The staff clearly don't know what they're doing because everything is bad, bad, bad. I mean the chef can't cook, the barista can't make decent drinks and the server can't manage the orders. Isn't that saying something?

On Thursday, Gordon Ramsay was doing a book signing in Paperplus in Newmarket. If he had seen what was going on in there, he would've closed the place down hehehe. I've clearly watched too many Kitchen Nightmares episodes...

Anyways, my recommendation is to not go to this place! There are so many wonderful places around Newmarket to have a drink or a snack and this is definitely not one of them. Unless you're a Hello Kitty lover, skip this place and get frozen yoghurt at the new froyo place across the road! ♥ If you're a Hello Kitty lover or simply want to visit because it's cute, only order the drinks.

Outfit of the day~ ♥
Bye~ ♥
Lots of Love,

Mimi ♥

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sasa Haul: Part Three! ♥

Saturday 27 April 2013

Hello my lovelies~

I'm finally going to be writing the last part of my Sasa Haul! I know this is incredibly repetitive but if you haven't already seen the first and second parts of my haul, simply click on the following links!

Sasa Haul: Part One! ♥
Sasa Haul: Part Two! ♥

Sorry about the dodgy lighting in this post! It was nice and sunny when I took a few photos but when I came back after having lunch, the sun had gone and died wtf.

Anyways, onto part three!

8. Sexy Look Beauty Queen Moisturising Mask

Reminds me of Little Red Riding Hood~ ♥
"Sexy Look Beauty Queen Moisturizing Mask is effective in revitalizing and moisturizing your skin, leaving the facial color perfectly toned.

The mask fits your face shape perfectly. It helps to whiten and brighten your skin. Even the first time use is effective. The mask also contains a variety of natural whitening and moisturizing elements such as hyaluronic acid, lactobacilluc extract, Panthenol, aloe vera, etc. The mask essence is quickly absorbed, leaving skin nourished immediately. Suitable for all skin types, especially recommended for dry skin and those who stay long hours in air-conditioned room! transforms dull-looking and lifeless complexion into a more radiant glow. It achieves supple skin by stimulating the synthesis of collagen." (Sourced from Sasa.com)

Nothing much to say about this mask~ 

9. My Beauty Diary 2-Step Winter Bright Pack

I've never tried a two step mask! 
"My Beauty Diary 2-Step Winter Bright Pack series provide a wide selection of masks to suit different skin texture needs in different seasons.This selection aims at restoring a delicate, young and fair look to skin."

"Combination of Mediterranean olive leaf extract skin care essence of Brittany, gold, brown algae, the sea bird's nest, with excellent extraction technique coupled with the golden ratio, to show the defense force from the Mediterranean essence and injected into the mechanisms of skin moisture, and then with soothing calendula extracts , expand Crystal Run, and Winter White." (Sourced from Sasa.com)

Did someone say brightening?? I really like the idea of this mask and how you're supposed to apply the essence after wearing the sheet mask hehehe~ The Shea Butter Creamy Gel sounds incredibly rich and moisturising. Super love. 

10. Sexy Look New 3D Duo Whitening Lifting Mask

These boxes of masks are really heavy! ♥
"Sexy Look New 3D Duo Whitening Lifting Mask fits your face shape perfectly. It helps to brighten and lift your skin. Even the first time use is effective." (Sourced from Sasa.com)

I haven't tried this yet but all Sexy Look masks seem good hehehe~ 

11. Sexy Look New 3D Duo Rejuvenating Lifting Mask

You have no idea how nice these masks are! ♥
"Sexy Look 3D Duo Rejuvenating Lifting mask fits your face shape perfectly. It helps to nourish and lift your skin. Even the first time use is effective." (Sourced from Sasa.com)

I know, I know, the descriptions are nearly the same. But wow, I love this mask! It smells really nice and fruity yet the scent isn't cheap and sickening like some masks luckily! Also, it really does brighten your skin - like instantly! It feels so nice and refreshing hehehe~ Super love. 

12. Holika Holika Premium Sheep Milk Yoghurt with Wild Berries

Oh my god. This smells a-m-a-z-i-n-g! ♥
"Holika Holika Premium Sleep Milk Yogurt (Wild Berry) is a highly moisturizing wash off type yogurt pack with nutrition-enriched sheep milk. Wild berries are rich in anti-oxidants that help calm inflammation and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and scars. Sheep milk also contains lactic acid that acts as a natural, gentle exfoliater, leaving skin soft and glowing, feeling revitalized. It is particularly soothing for those with dry or sensitive skin." (Sourced from Sasa.com)

I really like the smell of this pack! It smells super delicious and makes me crave for berry ice cream hehehe~ 

13. VOV Daily Fresh Mini Pack Wash Off Berry and Berry Pack
14. VOV Daily Fresh Mini Pack Wash Off Honey and Lemon Pack
15. VOV Daily Fresh Mini Pack Wash Off 17 Cereals Pack

Super cute packaging!  ♥
"VOV Daily Fresh Mini Pack Wash Off Pack Cereals replenishes and restores skin instantly, leaving it a healthy and vivid glow!" (Sourced from Sasa.com)

"VOV Daily Fresh Mini Pack Wash Off Pack Berry and Berry contains rich Vitamin which revitalizes skin and prevents the formulation of melanin. The circulation of blood is also promoted, leaving skin moistened and radiant." (Sourced from Sasa.com)

"VOV Daily Fresh Mini Pack Wash Off Pack Honey Lemon replenishes and whitens skin instantly, leaving it supple and radiant with a healthy vivid glow!" (Sourced from Sasa.com)
I haven't tried these yet! Hopefully they're good~ ♥ I'm just waiting for my pack brush to come hehehe~

16. Natio Aromatherapy Rosewater & Chamomile Toner

Cute little bottles~ ♥
"A gentle, alcohol-free, plant-based lotion to refresh and soften while removing any last traces of surface impurities.  While rosewater and chamomile soothe and firm, Natio's blend of natural essential oils help purify and tighten pores.  This completes a perfect cleansing program by leaving the skin smooth and satin-soft, preparing it for further application of treatment products while improving the skin's breathing process and balances the skin's natural moisture level."

Apparently this toner is amazing~ It's natural and alcohol-free so it's incredibly gentle on sensitive skin, keeping it nice and hydrated unlike some alcohol-based toners which can dry your face. This is perfect for me~ 

17. La Elubiten Powdy Powder Face Wash

I am in love with sample-sized products~ ♥
"LA ELUBITEN Powdy Powder Wash has 4 effects:

(1) It removes 99% of skin toxins and dead skin cells inside pores. By clearing dead skin cells deep inside pores and toxins, it lets you say goodbye to the blackheads around the nose for thorough cleansing, radically preventing horned layers and cicatrices.

(2) It radically removes melanin. A dual vitamin complex, formed with vitamin A and vitamin E, thoroughly clears melanin deep under the skin. By cleansing your face persistently, you will have a fairer, more luminous skin.

(3) It forms a moisture layer and enhances moisturization. It retains the important fatty acid of the skin with the enzymes contained and removes polluted dead cells. The natural formula forms a moisture layer to make you feel very moisturized after cleansing.

(4) It promotes micro blood circulation. The brightening foam created does not irritate the skin. You may use it to massage the skin and promote skin cell circulation for lustrous skin.

Skin will become radiant in 28 days.

A research has shown that 96% of the respondents who have used this cleanser feel that the skin is more lustrous after cleansing. 98% feel that the skin has been deeply cleaned. 83% feel that the skin is moisturized. And 91% feel that blackheads are lessened." 
(Sourced from Sasa.com)

It sounds amazing. 'Nuff said. 

18. Sasatinnie Sea Clay Body Scrub

Love the little beads in the scrub~ ♥
"Sasatinnie Sea Clay Body Scrub is formulated with sea clay from Canada, which is rich in trace elements and minerals. Strong in absorbing and infiltrating, it can absorb excess sebum and remove dead skin cells via massaging. It can improve skin elasticity and luster while cleansing skin, leaving skin soft and smooth." (Sourced from Sasa.com)

I really like the scent of this scrub! Smells nice and refreshing hehehe. ♥ When it comes to shower/bath products, I absolutely these kind of fragrances. 

I also got these eye creams as samples wtf. What does this mean?? Are they trying to tell me something?? *Cries* I'm not old - I swear!

19. Suisse Programme Hydra Solution Recovery Eye Essence
20. Suisse Programme Hydra Solution Recover Eye Gel - Cream

My hands look massive... ♥
21. Suisse Programme Caviar Lifting Eye Contour Cream

Isn't caviar just fish ovaries... ♥
Anyways, that's the end of my Sasa Haul! I hope you liked reading about everything I got hehehe~

Lots of Love,


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sasa Haul: Part Two! ♥

Monday 22 April 2013

Hello my lovelies~

Today I'm going to be writing the second part of my Sasa Haul! If you haven't already seen the first half of my haul, simply click on the following link - Sasa Haul: Part One! ♥ to have a look before continuing on hehehehe~

Anyways, today I'm going to be telling you about each product I bought! This means I will be explaining to you what each product does or claims to do and why I bought it~ By the way, this doesn't mean I'll be reviewing each product - I can't use every single item I bought in less than a week...

So let's get started with part two!

Lots and lots of styrofoam! ♥
I'm not sure if I mentioned it before but it was really difficult opening these packages! Each box was filled to the brim with styrofoam which in a way, was good because none of my goodies were crushed or damaged hehehe~ However, the amount of pellets eventually got out of hand and the hallway looked as if a styrofoam factory had just exploded without me noticing wtf. It was a mess. Anyways, moving on...

Spot the product! ♥
And here's everything I bought from Sasa! Because I'm such a kind and wonderful person, I labelled everything for you hehehe. I know it looks like I randomly numbered everything but believe me, it's in chronological order! So here are the things I bought~

1. O'slee Spa Complete C-Shape Eye Mask

Looks very cool! ♥
I'd explain what this does in detail, but I can't read Chinese hehehe~ However I do know this eye mask is ergonomically designed in the shape of a 'C' to cover not only your under eye area as well as your upper eyelid. *Pointing out the obvious* This is because fine lines not only form underneath the lower eyelid but on the upper eyelid itself~

Anyways, the real reason why I bought this product is because it claims to reduce dark circles and under eye bags in 15 days! Sadly I have pretty bad dark circles because I'm allergic to nearly everything and don't get enough sleep. Oh and I don't drink enough water because it tastes horrible wtf. I guess I'm pretty much doing all the wrong things when it comes to dark circles and eye bags.

2. Sasatinnie Intensive Sparkling White Eye Mask

I really like the packaging! Nice and simple~ ♥

"Sasatinnie Intensive Sparkling White Eye Mask is specially formulated with Allantoin, Arbutin and plant extracts, which effectively reduce visibility of freckles and dark spots around the eye contour area. It also reduces the appearance of dark eye circles, fine lines and puffiness, leaving your eyes rejuvenated and luminous." (Sourced from Sasa.com)

I love the explanation of this eye mask! It sounds so wonderful and fabulous and means I don't have to write one myself hehehe~ This is one of the few things I've opened so far and I really like it! The resealable packaging is incredibly convenient and the scent is nice and subtle! Super love~

3. Sasatinnie Aqua Boost Moisturising Eye Mask

Cute little hearts! ♥
"Sasatinnie Aqua Boost Moisturizing Eye Mask is specially formulated with Hyaluronic acid and plant extracts, which helps restores suppleness and moisture to your eye contour while diminishing dark spots and wrinkles. It instantly restores firmness and skin elasticity, giving your eyes a rejuvenated and youthful appearance." (Sourced from Sasa.com)

Sounds amazing right? I love the sound of anything with hyaluronic acid - it sounds so refreshing and moisturising! And as you can probably tell by now, I'm really into eye masks and masks in general hehehe~ Haven't opened this one yet!

4. Sasatinnie Beauty Care Antioxidant Regenerating Face Mask

Love how all of the masks match! ♥
“Sasatinnie Antioxidant Regenerating Face Mask is specially made of clove extract and pearl protein extract, this eye mask give superb anti-oxidant effect and activate skin cell as well as lighten pigments spots effectively. The loquat leaf essence and honey suckle flower extract offer powerful anti-ageing protection and add energy to the face with recovering and astringent effect. 
With collagen and hyaluronic acid, it hydrates the skin, minimize the formation of wrinkles and lines,leaving your face look bright and youthful and radiant.” 
(Sourced from Sasa.com)

Yay for English~ 
One of the reasons why I like these Sasatinnie masks is because they have descriptions, instructions and ingredients on the back of each packet in English! It's not like I don't know how to apply a facial mask to my face or that I actually care about the ingredients they use (recklesss, I know) but I'd like to have the option of reading it? You feel me??

5. Baviphat Peach Juicy Mask Sheet (Vital & Lifting)

These masks are sooo squishy! Super love. ♥
"Baviphat Peach Juicy Mask Sheet (Vital & Lifting) is perfect for the dehydrated and aging skin which lacks elasticity. It boosts skin hydration, starting from the very inner layer while soothing and calming the troubled skin, bringing the daylong comfort.

The Peach Juicy Mask Sheet (Vital & Lifting) comes with a strong and favourable peach note. Its effect is long lasting and with the sufficient hydration effect deep inside your skin, you can feel your skin is lifted and surged in elasticity. The non-greasy texture offers daylong comfort for maintaining the perfect state of skin." (Sourced from Sasa.com)

I am really looking forward to trying this out! I love anything peach flavoured hehehe~ 

6. Baviphat Olive Juicy Mask Sheet (Moisturising & Nutritious)

I hope this doesn't smell like olive oil! ♥
“Baviphat Olive Juicy Mask Sheet (Moisturizing & Nutritious) is enriched with Olive essence. It is rare to find a skincare product which is so enriched with olive in the market. In fact, olive essence is a perfect ingredient for beautifying our skin as it manages to penetrate deep under our skin layer, focusing all its effort in refining and repairing the imperfections in our skin.

This product is made of high quality olive extract which will not cost a burden to your skin. The hydrating power is reinforced to strike the best result with repeated use.” (Sourced from Sasa.com)

The descriptions of these Baviphat masks are incredibly ridiculous hehehe. Is normal olive extract supposed to be burden on your skin or something? I can't believe I didn't read any of the descriptions when I bought these masks - I guess I bought them because they look nice!

7. Baviphat Green Tea Juicy Mask Sheet (Moisturising & Lifting)

Doesn't it look nice? 
“Baviphat Green Tea Juicy Mask Sheet(Moisturizing & Lifting) offers endless moisture which is desperately needed for a dehydrated skin. The essence of the mask can be readily and completely absorbed by our skin to strike the great moisture balance.

Green tea is well-known for its anti-oxidant performance. It is commonly used against aging and skin damage due to pollution in daily llife. Green tea can be as well render skin radiance and elasticity to prevent any spots and wrinkles formation.” (Sourced from Sasa.com)

Aside from the interesting descriptions, I really like the look of these Baviphat masks! The packaging is nice and glossy and is even shaped like a jug! Not to mention, they are incredibly squishy~ 

Anyways, that's all for now! I'll probably write a third part because I'm too lazy to write the rest now hehehe~

Lots of Love,

Mimi ♥

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Missha M Highlasting Lip Gloss #RD01 Review ♥

Sunday 21 April 2013

Good news everyone! A Missha store has just opened in Newmarket! I am so excited because recently I've developed a passion for Asian cosmetics and skin care and I just love everything from Missha hehehehe.

The bag is really pretty~ 
For those who haven't heard of Missha before, Missha is an internationally renowned Korean brand that is well known for their amazing skincare products! They sell everything from hydrating lotions for young skin to cute and pastel nail polishes as well as interesting facial masks that "bubble" hehehehe. ♥

Missha M Highlasting Lip Gloss in #RD01
Anyways, I went there the other day with my mummy and picked up a lip gloss and a lipstick! The lip gloss I bought is the Missha M Highlasting Lip Gloss in #PK04 which I'll be reviewing today!

Sleek and shiny box! 
I love the quality of the packaging!
First up, packaging. When I first saw this lip gloss, I immediately really liked it because I thought it looked elegant and expensive compared to my other lip glosses. I guess you could say it looked classy rather than cute. Not to mention, it actually felt quite expensive as the packaging is incredibly solid and heavy in a good way! Yay for high quality packaging!

Look at how furry the brush is! ♥
Moving onto the brush! Even though this is just a regular doe-foot applicator, it feels extremely nice and furry hehehehe. Also, the stem of the wand is nice and solid - it feels like it won't snap or bend!

Nice and new. ♥
Oh and I love opening and closing the tube! When you press the wand into the bottle, it goes in before gradually gliding out if that makes sense. Also the lip gloss goes up and down hehehehe.

Watch the lip gloss go up and down! ♥
Enough of my rambling, time for me to talk about the actual lip gloss! When I first swatched this lip gloss instore, I was pleasantly surprised by the colour and consistency. This lip gloss had a nice and glossy dark pink-red colour which was exactly the same shade as the tube made it look - something I love because there's nothing worse than being tricked by the packaging.

A small lip gloss drizzle. ♥
Also, this lip gloss had an extremely sticky consistency and when I say sticky, I mean sticky. This lip gloss was so sticky, I almost died. Not really, but every time I pulled out the wand, a lip gloss drizzle would come out and was quite messy at times. In a way, it was similar to honey due to the sticky feeling but definitely not as runny. I suppose the stickiness is due to the fact it is a long-lasting lip gloss...

Wearing a thin coat! ♥
Overall, the Missha M Highlasting Lip Gloss in #RD01 is an incredibly nice lip gloss and I would recommend it to those who like a nice and sticky lip gloss. When applied with the sturdy doe-foot applicator, it has a nice and glossy dark pink-red colour that is consistently even making it a great lip gloss to use - especially because of the wonderful packaging. One thing I forgot to mention before is that it smells quite nice and fruity - like raspberries!  Anyways, that's it for now!

Lots of Love,

Mimi  ♥

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Sasa Haul: Part One! ♥

Saturday 20 April 2013

Hello my lovelies!

Guess what happened yesterday?! My Sasa parcel finally came after two weeks! Best of all, it wasn't only one parcel but three! I was so excited for it to finally arrive and when I came home to find three large boxes sitting on the staircase, I went berserk hehehehe. ♥

If you were watching me unpack each parcel, you'd think I've never seen facial masks in my life hehe. The amount of time I spent lying on the floor staring at each item was insane - it took ages unboxing each package because everything was so fascinating and interesting hehehe. ♥ For instance, I spent literally an hour sniffing my *new* Holika Holika Premium Sheep Milk Yoghurt With Wild Berry Pack which by the way, smells like boysenberry ice cream! ♥ It also has an extremely long name that is ridiculous to type let alone say out loud wtf...

Anyways, today I'm just going to be showing you everything I bought from Sasa! Let the first part of the haul begin! ♥

Look at all the colourful masks hehehe. So pretty! ♥
I'll probably have to wear a mask everyday for the rest of my life hehe. ♥
I love the feel of these masks and packs. So squishy. ♥
 So many different flavours hehehe. Which one should I use first? ♥
Cute little samples! ♥
Super love this! It smells so yummy hehehe~
Yay! I finally got some Sexy Look 3D masks hehehe. ♥
Everything I bought from Sasa! ♥
And that's all there is for now! Today I was just showing you everything I bought from Sasa and I'll be writing about each product soon! Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for a second part! Oh and before I go, I want to introduce you to the treat of the day!

Whoopie Pops from Whoopie in Newmarket!

Pretty right? They also have different colours~ 
Extremely moist and sweet! ♥ Super love!

Lots of Love,

Mimi ♥

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Tea at Hello Kitty Cafe in Newmarket! ♡

Saturday 13 March 2013

Hello my lovelies!

Guess what I did today? I went to Hello Kitty Cafe in Newmarket with Lindy for tea hehehe. For those who don't know the place, New Zealand has a really pretty Hello-Kitty themed cafe in Newmarket, Auckland. 

Pretty right? 
To be honest, I was actually quite disappointed because there wasn't a lot of counter food and the displays were extremely empty. Just a few sandwiches and puddings that looked a hundred years old. It was actually quite surprising because when we came to have a look the other day, the counter was filled with a wide range of goodies - cakes, jellies, cookies, etc. 

Loving the Hello Kitty cups hehehe~ 
So yeah, super disappointed and sad. Luckily our hot chocolates came and we were distracted by the cuteness hehehe. 

Don't you think this is just adorable? 
*Admiring the prettiness of the hot chocolate* 
We spent over half an hour taking photos of our hot chocolate -not even exaggerating- before we began to drink them. Surprisingly they didn't become stone cold and mine was actually the perfect temperature - just slightly hot.

Just look at the perfection! 
Two fluffy marshmallows! 
They were actually really nice and creamy and everything! Not to mention, they came in these ultra cute Hello Kitty mugs with marshmallows on the side~

Lindy's is red, mine is pink! 
Cuteness overload. 
You can never have too much Hello Kitty. 
So we were sipping our hot chocolate and taking hundreds of selfies when Lindy had the fabulous idea of stealing another table's salt and pepper shakers mhehehe. She took them to our table and then we took more selfies cause we're retarded and feel the need to take selfies with seasoning shakers wtf. 

Adorable salt and pepper. 
I actually really like this photo. Thanks Lindy~ 
Lindy taking a photo with the salt! 
Ohhai 'dere. 
It was really awkward taking so many photos because everyone would stare at us being vain and shameless wtf. Worst of all we sat right in front of the counter so everyone would walk by at one point and give us a look that said 'Look at those Asian girls taking so many photos of themselves and their hot chocolate wtf.' But we obviously didn't care cause we kept taking more and more hehehe. 

Making the most of pretty backgrounds. 
More of my face and Hello Kitty. 
Mimi + Lindy + Hello Kitty 
Fast-foward a few more selfies and Jennyfer joined us for hot chocolate~ Her hot chocolate came with a Hello Kitty face on it - very jealous wtf.  Oh and Zhouai later came because they were having a debating meeting but I don't have any photos of her because she's not vain like us wtf. ♥ 

Cute as Hello Kitty~ 
Seductive 101. 
The babes. 
Last photo in Hello Kitty Cafe~ 
When we had finally left Hello Kitty Cafe with our hundreds of photos, we were talking when Linda asked if we had forgotten anything.

"Did you leave anything behind?"
"No, I have everything."
"I think we left our dignities."

Hilarious right?  The worst part of it is that it's probably true. Anyways, here's my outfit of the day~ 

Not looking at the camera because I think I'm hard wtf. Actually my mum came and was asking me what I was doing hehehehe. That's enough photos and writing for today, I hoped you liked this post.

Note: I have revisited Hello Kitty Cafe in Newmarket and blogged about it! If you haven't already seen that post, simply click on the following link - Hello Kitty Cafe in Newmarket - Revisited ♥

Lots of Love,