Sunday, 27 January 2013

Back to School Shopping Haul: Part One! ♥

Sunday 27 January 2013

Ohhai 'dere~ ♥

Look at what I woke up to! Hehehehe so cute. ♥
How are you all my lovelies? ♥ I hope you've all enjoyed your holidays because at the end of next week, it's school! Well for me anyways. *Cries* I'm not too sure, but apparently some schools have already started so     we're quite lucky mwehehehe~

But to be honest, I'm not looking forward to school because I'll have to wake up early earlier than I'd like to - which is around ten minutes before the bell rings. ♥ Then it's a chaotic rush to reach school on time mwehehehe. But anyways, for the last few weeks of the holidays, I've been sleeping well into the afternoon - sometimes waking up around 3pm which is when the school day ends. ♥

Hehehehe enough of my rambling for now, today I'm going to be showing you what I've bought for school! ♥

Oh but before I begin, I haven't been updating for the past few days because I've been attending a Buteyko breathing course! I'm not quite sure how to explain it, so I'll just say it's a course that teaches you how to breathe properly. And yes, apparently there's a proper way to breathe! Who would have known? ♥

Anyways, let's get started! ♥

Why can't life give me everything in pink? ♥
I heart this dusty rose colour hehehehe~ ♥
1. Grace Taylor tape dispenser. ♥

First up I have this ultra cute tape dispenser from Grace Taylor. ♥ I just adore Grace Taylor stationery, it's so pretty and cute ehmagawd. ♥ And yes tape dispensers can be cute. Oh and this tape dispenser? It's so beautiful yet so simple. Here I am, gushing over a tape dispenser hehehehe. ♥ It's just that it looks so girly and femine yet functional at the same time! Okay I don't know what I'm going on about hehehehe. I just love it. ♥

Dying of happiness! Oh-so-girly! ♥
2. Grace Taylor ballpoint pens. ♥

Like I said earlier, I love Grace Taylor stationery to bits but the thing is: I absolutely hate ballpoint pens. Don't get me wrong, I still use ballpoint pens in times like these, but I wish it was a gel pen or something. Ballpoint pens bring out the worst in me. Or at least my writing wtf... Moving on. ♥

You can never have too many tape dispensers apparently. ♥
3. Smiggle tape dispenser. ♥

That's right, I bought another tape dispenser mwehehehe. ♥ I think I have problems... Or two tape dispensers hehehehe. *Michelle are just so hilarious* ♥ I absolutely love matching things which I guess is the reason for the next few goodies I bought mwehehehe. ♥

Yay for pink! Apparently most of my stuff is pink hehehehe~ ♥

4. Smiggle hole puncher. ♥

Look at this donut hole puncher hehehehe! Just imagine this sitting on my cluttered neat desk, waiting to be touched once every thousand years used every so often. ♥

More donut stationery from Smiggle hehehehe~ ♥
5. Smiggle paperclip holder. ♥

See this light blue paperclip holder? I'll use it to hold the imaginary paperclips I use because I never always use paperclips! ♥

Okay I'm running of captions wtf. You caption it yourself okay? ♥
6. Smiggle standing stapler. ♥

Finally! Something I'll actually use! After re-reading the descriptions of the last few objects, I have realised that I am quite sarcastic and even then, "quite" is a severe understatement wtf. Oh well hehehehehe. ♥

Anyways, these are the last things I'm ever buying from Smiggle wtf. For now at least. The other day when I went shopping for my stationery, I popped into Smiggle to see if they had any cute 2013 diaries for school.

Note - if you would not like to me rage about a creepy salesperson, simply close this window. ♥ If not, continue and enjoy the swearing wtf.

Then in the corner of my eye, I see this shop assistant staring at me, watching me look at the notebooks. After staring at me like I was some museum exhibit, he came up to me and asked where I was from and whether I lived near here wtf. Oh and then he gave me this creepy smile wtf...

I decided not to answer and just mumbled something cause wtf, why does he need to know where I live? It's not like he's going to hand deliver my purchases wtf. Then he was pressed on asked, "Sorry what did you say?" before staring at my face for wtf. You'd think he was a professional starer and not a salesperson wtf.

So I said I was from around here which could mean anywhere, and he was like: Just for you. *Insert creepy smile* Like what the fuck does that even mean. It doesn't even make sense wtf... Oh and when I finally decided I had enough and wanted to pay, I went to the counter where once again, I became some sort of object-of-staring. It's like this: I came here for stationery not to be creepily stared at and smiled at wtf.

Oh and then this creepy salesperson guy was like: I'll give you a discount. Just for you. *Creepy smile* *Creepy stare* Like what the fuck, I don't care about giving a discount, just stop being so fucking creepy. I wanted to run out of that shop wtf. But no, I wasn't letting a creepy guy stop me from buying useless stationery tools I don't need incredibly useful school supplies. Then after ten years, he handed the change back to me and did this creepy lingering hand thing wtf.

You don't need to hold my hand to give me my change what the fuck. You can just drop it ugh. So as soon as I got everything I needed, I like ran out of there with little brother in tow. Even my little brother thought that guy was creepy wtf. I mean wtf, why are people these days are so fluffing creepy? Imagine he worked at a kindergarten or something wtf! Also, now that I think about it, imagine how many customers he does this to wtf... Oh and you know what? Most of the people who shop at Smiggle are children wtf. Creeps.

Ugh I'm like so creeped out just remembering it, I want to stop writing. Plus, I've already written quite a lot cause I was ranting so much about it. I don't really want to make this blog post any longer so I'll just sign off and make a part two where no creepy guys are written about wtf.

Me~ ♥

I'm sorry about writing so much about complete and utter garbage, I guess blogs are good for venting out your anger and sharing creepy moments wtf. Anyways, feel free to drop me a comment on this blog post and keep an eye out for the second installment! ♥

Edit: I realised I looked completely retarded in the other photo hehehehe. So here's a better photo of me before I went out that day! ♥

Lots of Love,

Mimi ♥

Saturday, 19 January 2013

The four moustache-eers. ♥

Saturday 19 January 2013

Hello my lovelies~ ♥

I hope you've all been having a wonderful holiday because I have hehehehe~ ♥ I'm really sorry about not updating in over a week - I've been busy catching up with all my friends lately! Anyways, speaking of catching up, yesterday I came home from a fabulous sleepover with my best friends - Lauren, Sonia and Steffie. ♥

The four moustache-eers hehehehe~ 
On Thursday, we all headed down to Lauren's house for our traditional sleepover. ♥ Ever since primary, it's been our thing to have a sleepover every holiday, that way the four of us can catch up with each other hehehehe~ ♥

This photo is so damn cute. 
This was the first time in ages that all four of us were together for a sleepover! ♥ Last time it was just Steffie and I because Lauren was in America *Jealous* and Sonia had food poisoning... Anyways, time for some photos! I'm going to have a difficult time choosing the photos to upload here because I have to sort through hundreds of photos. *Cries* We literally took around five hundred photos... ♥

Let's get started! Have you ever played Beanboozled? If you haven't, buy it and play it with your friends. It's such an amazingly disgusting game. ♥

Best game ever: Beanboozled. 
I swear I have the worst luck ever... Sonia and Steffie got quite a few yummy jelly beanies but guess what? I only got one and it still tasted horrible. *Cries* Lauren didn't get any yummy jelly beanies as well and she was serving them to us! *Gives everyone else the good beanies and eats the bad beanies* ♥

Lauren serving Steffie her jelly beanie! 
No photos of Steffie and I eating our jelly beans ~ ♥ Stef has her poker face on so there's no reaction and my face looks like I've eaten a thousand lemons. ♥ 'Nuff said.

Sir Onion's first bite~ 
Lauren spitting out her jelly beanie. 
After eating one too many horrible jelly beans, we headed out onto the trampoline! ♥ *Cues jumping shots*

Steffie doing her stuff! 
And now for the funniest photo in history, featuring myself and Sonia~ ♥

I don't know how Steffie took this photo hehehehe, but it's absolutely hilarious! I look absolutely enormous and then there's this miniature Sonia hehehehe! ♥ There's heaps of funny photos of me and Sir Onion hehehehe~ ♥

This photo makes me laugh so damn hard. 
Ehmagawd, this photo is so fluffing funny! ♥ It looks like Sonia's trying to pull me while running~ ♥ During this photo, I think Lauren was playing with the sprinkler and was trying to soak us cause I just noticed the water in the background. *Observant* ♥

I am just too attractive. 
My face looks like a dog's hehehehehe. ♥ It's just so funny - Sonia's like skipping happily and then this dog is trying to pounce on her hehehehe. ♥

Anyways, after like getting soaked to the bone by the sprinkler with Lauren and Sonia's help, we decided to go back in and watch some TV! But then we got distracted by marshmallows and ended up playing Chubby Bunny. I'm not going to post any photos of that cause ehmagawd, we looked so retarded hehehehe. I think Steffie won though! I lost completely but in my defense, the marshmallows were humongous - I could only fit four into my mouth. ♥

More trampolining! ♥

The girlies. 
Ballroom dancing on a trampoline hehehe! 
Ring a Ring of Rosies~ 
After a few more photos, we headed back inside to watch That '70s Show! ♥ Coincidentally, we all happen to love watching it and spent ages watching an episode while doing our nails hehehehe. During that time, I also kidnapped Lauren's kitty cat and kept stroking her mwehehehe. ♥

Stroking Cleo. 
Aren't you the cutest? 
Then it was dinner time! We had pizza but I was too tired to take a photo~ Also, we were all somehow magically high on Coke Zero and acted like retards for the night. ♥ Friendship is when you act retarded and everyone joins in. ♥ Anyways, we began to play our favourite game: ToonTown! ♥

Playing ToonTown! 
At first I though ToonTown was pretty childish and immature but once I played it, I was hooked. It's so fluffing addicting and fun, you can't help but play for hours and hours! ♥ We spent ages playing it all night and  kept playing all the mini-games to collect jellybeanies~ ♥

Eventually, at around 11pm, Lauren kicked us off ToonTown cause it was getting out of hand. I'm ashamed to say I was swearing at little kids on a little kids game. In my defense, it was cause Royal Blue Dog kept stealing my apples. *Cries* ♥

Anyways, after we logged off ToonTown, we decided to make smores - the retarded way. ♥

Lauren's Peter Alexander candle~ 
Step 1: Try to melt chocolate using a candle, a thousand matches and many flaming skewers. ♥
Step 2: Realise that a microwave exists and can be used to melt chocolate. ♥

Pastel goodness. 
Step 3: Melt marshmallows until they turn into pretty pink and white goo. ♥

The culprits. 
Step 4: Make a mess assembling the worst smores in history. ♥

Burning hot. 
Step 5: Set fire to the rest of the marshmallow goo. Ta-da! ♥

Everyone preparing to pull off the lid.  
Oh and don't forget to leave the candle burning with the lid on like we did! ♥

Just imagine how hot that candle was. 
Okay that's all for tonight! I'm too tired to add any more photos or write anymore hehehehe~ ♥ Thanks for reading! ♥

Lots of Love,

Mimi ♥

Thursday, 10 January 2013

My New Year's resolutions for 2013. ♥

Thursday 10 January 2013

So I've been thinking about this blog post for quite a while now and I was finally inspired to write the other night. ♥ I guess it's quite late to be writing about my New Year's resolutions now but it's better late than never..? ♥

In this world, not everyone is blessed with an amazing figure like Miranda Kerr. I've always been one of those people who have felt uncomfortable about their figure and insecure about their weight. So now when I think about my New Year's resolutions, they all seem to click and finally make sense. ♥

They all seem to relate to every girl's challenge - to lose weight.

Before I explain more,  I want to say this first:
Losing weight isn't one of my New Year's resolutions at all.
It's what's involved in losing weight that I want to gain from this year.

When you lose weight, you have to be persistent. You can't simply quit and give up a few days into your challenge, otherwise you'll never reach what you want to look like and be like. In my life, I've always been a quitter. When it gets tough, all I want to do is surrender and cry. Just the other day, I watched The Vow and the same thought kept occurring in my head.

I continued to wonder that night:

"Why was he was so persistent?" ♥

If it was me, I think I would have given up all hope. Imagine someone you loved lost their memory and remembered everything apart from you. It would have been heartbreaking. During that movie, I cried rivers of tears. Actually make that an ocean of tears. ♥

Ocean of tears? ♥
But now when I really think about it, I give up on nearly everything. For me, if it gets too hard, I just give up because there's no use trying if you're only going to fail. But through losing weight, you learn how to pursue on, even when things go wrong. Why? Because you can't ever go anywhere in life without trying. Life without trying is a life without surprises because when you try, you discover new things - new talents, new skills, new ideas, etc; all of which surprises you at first. ♥

The second thing losing weight shows you how to be disciplined. To reach your ideal you,  you need to focus and keep working to your objective. Exercising teaches you to stick to your routine on a regular basis and that you can't suddenly stop. If you decide to quit exercising for a long time, you'll simply find yourself back where you used to be - square one.

This third point may sound ridiculous but it's incredibly true. Failure is something we're all afraid of. It's something we all hope to avoid everyday whether it be failing an exam or even failing ourselves. Somehow, trying to lose weight can teach you how to accept failure. Like when you step back onto the scales and find out that's barely anything's changed. It's frustrating because you've worked so hard and nothing worked at all.

This bridge was built with persistence. ♥
It's alright if it didn't work the first time or the second time or even the tenth time!There's always enough time to try again - just keep on pursuing and you'll eventually find something that suits you! These few sentences can apply to anything at all, whether it be finding a hobby that you enjoy or even learning a new language! Not everyone's going to pass their driving test on their first go or even their eyesight test. It's exactly the same as losing weight - not everyone's going to reach their ideal figure without a few ups and downs. But this brings me to the another point - optimism.

When it rains, the clouds shed tears but sooner or later, the sun shines and a rainbow is formed. ♥ It's like saying whenever something bad happens,  there's always something good that appears from it. ♥ Losing weight has it's ups and downs for sure, but sometimes you have to look at things through rose-tinted glasses and see the light in those situations. ♥ When I'm exhausted from exercising and wake up the next day feeling awful, I immediately think:

"Why did I even bother? I was foolish to even try to be healthier. Exercising is horrible." 

Clouds make me happy. ♥
But then I think about how I really feel underneath: Happy, like I've accomplished something. Even though I'm sore and stiff, I'm happy because I know I'm one step closer to being the ideal me. ♥ I feel good about being healthier and simply better about myself as obsessive as that sounds. ♥ I might not have lost any weight during that exercise session but somehow I felt more confident in myself. Like I was invincible hehehehe. ♥

"Confidence is the key to success." Such a simple quote yet oh-so-true. ♥ These six words when used together in a sentence can relate to nearly everything. Going into a job interview without confidence is like selling something you barely know about. Sure you can talk about the key parts - your qualifications and the product's specifications, but no one's going to want to buy it if you don't give them a reason.

"Why are you better than everyone else waiting outside that door?"

"Why is your product better than everything else on the market?"

Everything feels inspiring when it's misty hehehehe~ ♥
If you don't have confidence in yourself, how can other people have confidence in you? Losing weight is not all about lowering the number on your scales, it's about being confident with who you are. But when most people lose weight, they find themselves happier and more confident with who they are. ♥ I'm not going to rain on their parade if they're happier with themselves, just as long as they're healthy. ♥

And lastly, accepting yourself. Sometimes you might not have that tiny waist you've always longed for or that thigh gap everyone seems to wish for nowadays. Sometimes it's about being happy with who you are and accepting yourself with all your perfections and flaws. ♥

Sure losing weight might make you look and feel more attractive, but it's about embracing yourself as a person and making it work. It's about accentuating what you have as a person so it doesn't necessarily mean to stop using your beauty products because I can't live without my lipgloss. ♥

So these are my New Year's Resolutions:

1. Be more persistant.
2. Be more disciplined.
3. Be more open to failure.
4. Be more optimistic.
5. Be more confident in myself.
6. Be more accepting of myself.
7. Be more girly when it comes to dressing. ♥

I've already written it once but I'll write it again, just in case you've forgotten. My New Year's resolution is not to lose weight but to learn all these lessons associated with losing weight. Ah-bviously I would love to lose weight but that's not the reason of my New Year's resolutions.

I just want to be a better me, not a new me.
If every year, you become a new person, who are you really? Why do you feel the need to change yourself every year? ♥

Today! ♥

This blog post has been delayed for quite some time but I finally reached there in the end. ♥ These resolutions must have already kicked in because at some point of my thinking, I wanted to give up. I just didn't know what I wanted to say and how to say it. But I carried on and here we are today, at the end of yet another blog post. ♥

Please feel free to drop me a comment on your thoughts of this blogpost - it's incredibly easy! Simply click on comments link beside the title before scrolling down to the comment box! Thanks for reading! ♥

Lots of Love,

Mimi ♥

Monday, 7 January 2013

Picking strawberries under the sunshine. ♥

Monday 7 January 2013

Ohhai 'dere. ♥

How are you all my lovelies? ♥ I'm supposed to be sharing my New Year's resolutions today but change of plans! I was sitting down, thinking about my goals for the year and I just couldn't think of anything! So I'm postponing my resolutions for now. In the meantime, I'll be sharing my trip to the strawberry farm! ♥

Green grass. Blue skies. White clouds. ♥
Yesterday, my family and I decided it would the perfect time to pick some fresh strawberries. ♥ It was such a lovely day, the sun was beaming, the skies were blue and there was a slight breeze. However, when my family arrived at the farm, it was burning hot. I think I nearly died of heatstroke underneath the scorching sun. All the breeze had suddenly disappeared and I swear some of the berries could have turned into jam...

Nonetheless, the weather wasn't stopping my family from collecting their goodies! My family and I would always pick bucketfuls and bucketfuls of berries, even if it meant searching for hours on end. ♥

Berrylicious~ ♥

Last time my family picked around 7kg of strawberries. Our house was like strawberries galore - there were strawberries everywhere! ♥

In the freezer there were boxes and boxes of strawberries, all frozen and ready for smoothies while the fridge was stuffed with even more berries! But that's not where it ends - there were also a few bucketfuls of strawberries sitting in the kitchen, garage and even the laundry!

I had never had so many strawberries in my life. ♥

Mini me! ♥
When I was little, I was quite allergic to these bright red berries and with every bite I ate, it became harder to breathe. *Cries* No strawberries and cream for mini me! Luckily I grew out of this allergy and now I can eat as many as I want! Yay~ ♥

Anyways, back to the strawberry picking~ ♥ Although it was fluffing hot, we managed to pick 3kg of strawberries between us! Yay! ♥ Apparently I had only picked around 300g of berries with my brothers picking the rest...

I thought I had picked quite a bit, but I guess I didn't cause of many reasons...

Reason one: I'm incredibly fussy - if there was a spiderweb near some berries, I would hop over to the next aisle in search of bug-free strawberries. This also brings me to reason two.

Why were the little strawberries upset?
"Because their parents were in a jam!" ♥
Reason two: The strawberries are organic - which means they're more prone to bugs like spiders. And I don't want to be eating spider-flavoured berries. Blech... To be honest, I prefer berries that are sprayed with pesticides and chemicals because it means there won't be any bugs hehehehe. ♥ But I guess organic berries are healthier...  ♥

Is it just me or does this strawberry look like a heart? ♥
Reason three: The biggest is the best - who wants to eat miniature berries? You can argue all you want that it's ah-dorable and cute but nothing tastes better than jumbo berries! Plus it's fun comparing who's got the biggest __________. You fill in the blank hehehehehe. ♥ Anyways, moving on to reason four.

Reason four: I had to take photos - it takes time you know? Nice photographs don't grow on plants like strawberries and it's quite hard when your hands are covered with berry juice. ♥

Sunshine! ♥
Reason five: It was scorching hot and after a few minutes of picking under the sweltering sun, I nearly died. It was just so hot! ♥

Reason six: Last reason! I'm a wasp magnet. You have people that are chick magnets and magnets that are simply magnets but me, I attract wasps. I can't help if the wasps find me irresistible. Hehehehe I'm hilarious~ But anyways, they love to follow and attack me. *Cries* ♥

Reason seven: Last I swear! Hehehehe that sentence reminds me of that line from ParaNorman. Such a funny movie~ ♥

"You mean like the F word?"

It was funnier when those characters said it but still... Anyways, the last reason is...

I ate them. ♥

Omnomnom~ I was supposed to be taking a photo but I couldn't resist.

Guilty smile hehehehe. ♥
So that's how I ended up with literally 11 strawberries. But nonetheless the berries I ate were absolutely delicious. Even though some of the strawberries were warm, they still tasted yummy - sweet and succulent. Omnomnom. ♥

Afterwards, we went hunting for some strawberry ice cream. ♥ There's nothing better than freezing-cold ice cream in summer. ♥ We drove around for quite a bit before we found a strawberry farm that sold fresh strawberry ice cream. None of the artificial strawberry ice cream which tastes amazing hehehehe. ♥

But anyways, the ice creamies were absolutely wonderful. ♥ They were massive with swirls and swirls of fluffy berry ice cream piled up high with a lovely berrylicious twist~ ♥

Oh and guess what! This is the second time I've ended off with ice cream hehehehe~ ♥ I'm quite surprised I wrote so much as I wasn't expecting there to be so much to talk about. I also wasn't expecting me to take so little photos. I guess it was because the berries weren't really photogenic...

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed reading this blog post, thank you so much my lovelies! Please feel free to drop me a comment anytime and  share my blog with the world hehehehe~ ♥

Lots of Love,

Mimi ♥

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Road trip to nowhere. ♥

Thursday 3 January 2013

Hello my lovelies~ ♥

I hope you all had a fabulous New Year and an amazing time in 2012. Personally, 2012 was one of the best years of my life - I met some wonderful people, made some lovely friends and learnt a lot of valuable lessons. Hopefully 2013 will be an amazing year to come and I can't wait for everything to unfold. ♥ In a few days I'll be sharing my New Year's resolutions, but for now, follow me on adventure to the unknown. ♥

Winnie and I. ♥

Early on Friday morning, my family and I left our house, unsure of the journey to come. This trip was anything but planned as we left with nothing but the bags in our hands. There was no pre-booked accommodation waiting for us or even a detailed itinerary to tell us everything we needed. We just took everything as it came and went.

Overall, this trip has been surprisingly good to be honest! Never in my life have I seen so many moo-moo cows or sheepies hehehehe. ♥

Anyways, here are some photos from the trip!

Our route! ♥
Matamata~ ♥
At the beach! ♥
After driving for a few hours, we decided to have lunch on a beach in Waikato. We dropped down to a local cafe for some fish and chips before heading down to the seaside where we would eat our delicious goodies. ♥

Sun + Breeze = ♥
While enjoying the lovely weather and our lunch, a few seagulls flew over hoping for a few chippies. Before we had even given them a bite, flocks and flocks of seagulls swarmed by our bench, surrounding us from every angle! They waited behind us, watching us eat with their beady eyes. They flew above our heads, awaiting for the perfect opportunity to swoop in. They even followed us as we scrambled away from our bench, tailing us as we left the seaside! Thankfully they left us alone as soon as we abandoned our snack.

R.I.P. Chippies. ♥

Government Gardens~ ♥
Later that day, we stopped in Rotorua and visited the Government Gardens. It was so beautiful and pretty from inside the car, but as soon as I stepped out onto the grass, I wanted to puke. Apparently the hydrogen sulfide released by the hot springs causes the eggs-gone-bad odour. Yay for Google! ♥

Oh-so-breezy. ♥
Then we went back onto the road. ♥ We were rushing to arrive in Napier before nightfall, but luckily it was a bright and sunny day! Yay. ♥

A lovely day for exploring~ ♥
What did the little tree say to the big tree?
"Leaf me alone!"  ♥
There were so many mountains. And hills. And trees. And cows. And sheepies. ♥

Paradise - a place or state of bliss. ♥
New Zealand is like perfection. ♥

Napier at last! ♥
Yay! We arrived in Napier just as the sun began to go down~ Mission accomplished. ♥

Sunset on Marine Parade. ♥
The next day we woke up in Hastings where we stayed overnight. For breakfast, we visited the Farmer's Market to pick up some fresh produce and homemade treats. ♥

Hawke's Bay Farmers' Market. ♥
Sorry for being so cheesy. ♥
These look quite radish-ing! ♥
At the market, we picked up some amazing delights. For breakfast, I had a lovely French waffle with fresh cream, maple syrup and strawberries. It was so fluffy and yummy. ♥ Sadly I don't have a nice photo of it, but it was delicious! My mum also bought a giant loaf of homemade bread which was incredibly tasty while my dad bought a variety of organic berries~ Who knew natural tasted so good?

One of these types of berries were called 'Loganberries' and oh my goodness. They were amazing. ♥ As soon as you picked up a berry, it would burst between your fingers, the bright red juice staining your hands. These berries were sweet yet tart and literally melted in your mouth. ♥

Underwater~ ♥
Everything was just so delicious! We had all these for snacks while we were on the road hehehehe. Anyways, before we headed back to Auckland, we decided to go to Napier. While we were there, we visited the Nation Aquarium of New Zealand. ♥

I decided to film the main aquarium to show all of you. ♥ You better love me for this hehehehe~ ♥ By the way, sorry if it's slightly shaky! I didn't have my tripod with me at the time but enjoy~

Edit: I uploaded the video but it didn't save. *Cries* ♥ I'll try upload it later, sorry~ ♥

After we finished looking at the fishies, we popped down to the ice cream bar by the beach. ♥ Yummy~

Ice creamie~ ♥
Yay we're at the end~ ♥ Thank you so much for reading this blog post, I hope you all enjoyed reading about my trip. ♥ Surprisingly, there was quite a bit more that happened but I didn't want to write so much hehehehe~ Also, sorry for taking such a long time to update - it took me forever to upload the video~ ♥ Anyways, I hope you all have a fabulous 2013 and a wonderful holiday! ♥

Lots of Love,

Mimi ♥