Friday, 28 December 2012

Boxing Day Shopping Haul! ♥

Friday 28 December 2012

Which of the following is correct?

a) Boxing Day is amazing. ♥
b) Boxing Day is the highlight of Christmas. ♥
c) Boxing Day is the best day ever. ♥
d) All of the above. ♥

If you answered d) to the above question, you're correct! Yay~ Boxing Day is a magical holiday where sales fall from the sky, just like raindrops dripping off tree branches. ♥

By now, you can probably tell how much I love Boxing Day. ♥ For me, Boxing Day means shopping for hours and hours, searching for amazing sales. Not only do I love Boxing Day but shopping in general! Even for groceries hehehehe~ I would never pass a chance to go shopping, let alone a shopping holiday!

Anyways, on the night of Christmas, my mum and dad decided that we would go on a road trip. On Boxing Day. Can you imagine the look on my face that evening? I was horrified. Road trip? On Boxing Day? Someone pinch me, I think I'm trapped in a bad dream. Out of all the 365 days in a year, why did they have to pick Boxing Day to travel?

Yours truly. ♥
First of all, I hate road trips. Why? Because I am just blessed with the amazing ability to become car-sick within a few seconds. Secondly, I cannot sit still. I am just the ultimate fidgeter, what can I say? Sometimes when I watch TV, I swap sitting positions every few seconds before deciding to sit upside-down. ♥ It's safe to say, making me sit in a car with two other animals is not a fabulous idea! Especially when those two animals are my brothers. Lastly, all I want to do on Boxing Day is go shopping! Not drive around for hours and hours!

Thankfully our road trip was to the shops! Have a peek at some of the goodies I bought~ ♥

The cutest coral jeans ever. 
I love pastels, especially when it comes to clothing! So when I saw these cute coral jeans, how could I resist? Hehehehe~ ♥

Aztec. Pastel. Jeans? I am in love. 
To be honest, I don't like Aztec prints as the patterns look quite psychedelic at times. That being said, I love these jeans because they're oh-so-pretty. ♥ They're perfect for a rainy summer day!

Sweet candy-striped shorts. 
I love these candy-striped shorts. ♥ They're so sweet and pastel, they remind me of those swirly lollipops! I spent forever trying to find these because they were so popular. ♥ Can you believe I went to three different shopping districts just to find these in this colour? Oh well, it was worth it!

This skirt is ah-mazing. It's just so floral and ah-dorable, I can't even... Asdfghjkl. So floaty. So twirly. Love. ♥

Summer dress! ♥
There's something I love about wearing dresses and skirts that I can't seem to describe. It makes me feel like   ... I don't know... fill in the blanks please? ♥

Ish so fluffy! 
Fluffy. Soft. Cuddly. Warm. I swear this blanket could be made out of clouds. ♥

Kawaii for life~ 
Aren't these the cutest stickers ever? I love collecting all the different designs and things hehehehe. How childish of me~ ♥

Cute little apples and fruit~ ♥
Ehmagawd. Cats! ♥
Animals ♥ Look at that little elephant. ♥
I might show you my sticker collection in a few days. ♥ Maybe, just maybe...

Typo. ♥
I love Typo. ♥ Everything is so pastel and pretty or vintage and chic! Even their bags are stylish! ♥

"Brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favourite things." ♥
"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine." ♥
Loving these girly notebooks and notepads~ They're just so pretty and colourful, I'm tempted to use them for school. ♥

Chikorita, Togepi, I choose you! ♥
Hello childhood memories~ ♥ When I was a little girl, I used to love Pokemon a lot. I used to collect hundreds and hundreds of trading cards while watching each and every episode. Oh and of course I played the games. I even had Pikachu pyjamas and slippers! Not to mention, plushies. ♥

Dainty nails. ♥
Moving on, have you ever painted your nails only to experience the pain of smudging them? It's horrible, especially when you took forever to paint a cute design. But after finding these dainty nails on Wednesday, I think my prayers have been answered. ♥

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed reading about some of the goodies I managed to find! I'm not sure what I'll be writing about next time so it'll be a surprise~ Thank you once again for reading my blog, you all are truly wonderful. I'd love it if you shared my little blog with everyone, so please do! Also, feel free to drop me a comment anytime! ♥

Lots of Love,

Mimi ♥

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas is the best time of the year. ♥

Thursday 27 December 2012

Hello my lovelies! ♥

I hope you've all had an amazing holiday with Christmas Eve, Christmas, and Boxing Day all unfolding this week. ♥ For me, this year's Christmas has simply been fabulous. I haven't celebrated Christmas in New Zealand since a few years ago, so this year was special~

Time for some photos! ♥

Christmas Eve~ ♥
Omnomnom. ♥
Little cubes of ham. Oh and some c-ham-pagne ♥
I remember saying to my teacher:
"We have chickens at our house. They live in the freezer. " ♥
I like strawberries~ These ones were berry delicious. ♥
Sparkly lights! ♥
I guess this is the end for now! Thank you so much for reading my blog, I love you. ♥ Also, sorry for writing such a short update; I promise I'll write more next time! I hope you all enjoyed seeing Christmas through my eyes today. ♥ Look out for an update tomorrow! I'll be blogging about Boxing Day and showing you all my goodies. Until then, take care~ ♥

Lots of Love,

Mimi ♥

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Meet my bear friend forever. ♥

Tuesday 25 December 2012

Hello~ ♥
Merry Christmas! I hope each and everyone one of you had a fabulous day with your family as well as your friends. ♥ Also, I hope you all got some lovely presents like I did, and I'm excited to share one with you right now! This was a present to myself, just letting you know in advance hehehe~ ♥

Buh Bear. ♥

Meet Buh Bear. ♥ Isn't he just so amazing? He's everything I ever wanted, and more! He's just so fluffy and cute, I can't even... Asdfghjkl. It's only been a few days and I already love him with all my heart. He can be my best friend any day. ♥

To think he arrived, just the other day! Bear-ly in the nick of time for Christmas! Too bad I didn't open him on the actual day itself. I guess I was too excited! I mean wouldn't you be? After all, if you knew this massive lump of fur, fluff and cuteness was sitting on your doorstep, I bet you would run to get a knife. ♥

On that particular morning, I was still lying in bed, half-asleep when the doorbell rang. Somehow, my subconscious managed to hear the knocks that followed and soon enough, the door was answered. Yay! It was a parcel for me! Never in my life have I ever sprung out of bed so fast. Or not. I had drag myself out of bed, one foot at a time, taking what felt like a million years to reach my package.

Our tree~ Artistic photo? 
And there it was... Sitting there like an angel atop a Christmas tree was my parcel. Except it wasn't an angel. And it wasn't a Christmas tree. It was just a parcel perched at the top of the staircase. But nonetheless, it was still beautiful!

Never have I ever seen a parcel of such beauty. Like actually. All the parcels and packages I've ever received are packed up in ugly plastic stuff. And I've received a lot~

But this special delivery was an exception. Wrapped up in Christmas-themed Rilakkuma paper, this package was splendid from the start! In one corner of the packaging, there was the tiniest little piece of fur poking out, oozing out of the miniature gaps cutely. I think I died that day.

Bear with me, will you? ♥

Delicately, like a neurological surgeon, I began the precise operation of opening the package. I tore, I snipped and I cut until Buh Bear's head poked out. I had done it! Buh Bear was freed from his paper prison! For the next few days, I went everywhere with Buh Bear, treating him like my newborn child. I would also pretend to feed him food and dress him up like a pretty princess! Yay!

To me, Buh Bear was alive. In fact, I could say he was quite the character. At first he would act timid and shy, but once you gave him a chance, he would make you laugh and smile. Especially when he sang and danced. ♥

Did someone say bear-friends? ♥
But deep down inside, under all of the pretense, Buh Bear loved the attention. Oh how this bear loved to take selfies. Just like me. I guess this is why we're bear-friends ~ best friends but cooler~ ♥ I guess I'll be leaving you with some photos of us. ♥

Hehehehe. Oops I blinked bear-fore. ♥
I love you Buh Bear~ ♥
Me~ ♥
Before I go, I'd like to update you on some of the changes I've made to this blog. By now, you've probably noticed the music player at the bottom and maybe the cute, little dancing bird at the bottom-right corner. Click on this little guy to scroll all the way back to the top! Also, you can now leave anonymous comments on any of my posts!

That's it for today! I hope you've enjoyed reading this Christmas special like Buh Bear did hehehehe~ He's so full of himself! He enjoys anything as long as it involves him~ Anyways, take care bear-yone!

Lots of Love,

Mimi ♥

Friday, 21 December 2012

My unconditional love for online shopping. ♥

Friday 21 December 2012

Have you ever fallen in love?

If you have, you've never experienced true love like this. This is more than love at first sight. This love was a match made in heaven. This love consumes you from the inside out, tugging your heartstrings with each and every look.

You could say I'm a girl in love.

Well the truth is, I am.

I'm in love with...

Online shopping. ♥

Some of you may already know about my newly-found obsession with shopping online. I can still remember the day I said, "Who would want to shop online when you can buy it in person?"

Those were dark times.

Oh how I was young, naive and foolish.

Pandy hat. ♥

Online shopping is like paradise. It's a dream come true with everything you've ever wanted, and more! Not to mention, almost everything online is less expensive than in stores! Yay! ♥ More excuses to buy everything like me hehehehehe~

Recently, I've been so addicted to buying heaps of cute and random things. Like hats~ ♥ And for some odd reason, I've been buying things for winter when summer's only just begun. But hey, don't judge me. It's a lifestyle, I swear. ♥

Time for some photos! And selfies of course! ♥

Cute knitted cap~ ♥
Selfie~ ♥
Fluffy! ♥
Cool cat pose. ♥
Adorable marshmallows. ♥
I love you, you fluffy little thing. ♥
I hope you've enjoyed reading this little post and seeing some of the cute things I've bought. Feel free to drop a comment on any of my posts and please ask your friends to read my blog as well! Also, today after I finished writing this post, a special parcel was delivered to my doorstep! Yay~ I'll be sharing the parcel with you after I take a few photos, and maybe after I write a bit about it! Anyways, keep your eyes peeled for a blog update soon! ♥

Lots of Love,

Mimi ♥

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Welcome to paradise. ♥

Wednesday 19 December 2012

Ohhai 'dere. ♥

Welcome to my little paradise, also known as, my blog.  This is my first time ever sharing my thoughts and things like this so I hope you'll like it.

In this online journal, I'll be simply writing about anything and everything, from what I want to be when I grow up to one of my latest adventures. And maybe in the future, I might make some videos of myself. Doing what? I don't know but until then, follow me on a journey through life as I experience it.

Maybe one day in the future, I'll look back at past and decide to read my blog for old time's sake. And maybe then I will laugh at my old self, cringing at my shallow, stupid and naive personality. But until then, all I can do is write about my life and hope you'll enjoy reading about it. ♥

Today. ♥

To finish this off, I'll be leaving you with a photo of me! Selfies~ ♥

Lots of Love,

Mimi ♥